Postpartum Contraception

Options for Postpartum Contraception

All contraceptive options have advantages, contraindications, and other considerations that must be weighed when discussing contraceptive options. In the immediate postpartum period, additional considerations apply.

This section details method considerations, recommendations on method use from the CDC, and links to more method information available from ACOG.

What is long-acting reversible contraception?

LARC stands for long-acting reversible contraception and refers to intrauterine devices (IUD) and the contraceptive implant, which are the most effective reversible contraceptive methods.

This section contains information about the advantages and considerations of LARC use, reviews the types of LARC currently available in the United States, and discusses effectiveness, mechanisms of action, and side effects.

Immediate Postpartum LARC

Immediate postpartum LARC refers to placement of an IUD or contraceptive implant prior to discharge while a person is still in the hospital following a delivery.

This section contains information on ACOG guidance on immediate postpartum LARC, definitions of timing for LARC placement, and details on the advantages and considerations of immediate postpartum LARC placement.