Insertion & Removal

Immediate Postpartum IUD insertion Videos

Click on the video clips below for instruction on immediate postpartum IUD insertion.

This video is a part of the ACOG LARC Program Video Series, which covers a variety of clinical topics related to the provision of LARC.

Postplacental IUD insertion

Insertion of IUDs immediate postpartum requires a different set of skills than for interval placement and varies by delivery method. Formalized training is advised before provision of immediate postpartum IUD placement. No matter what insertion technique is used, it is key to ensure the IUD is placed at the fundus of the uterus to decrease chance of expulsion.

Implant insertion

The technique for implant placement immediately postpartum does not differ from that for interval insertion.

The Food and Drug Association requires that all health care providers who perform implant insertions and removals receive training from the Merck, the manufacturer of Nexplanon®. Therefore, the insertion process is deferred to the manufacturer and not covered here.

For more information, please see our list of immediate postpartum LARC toolkits.


The technique for removing a LARC device placed immediately postpartum does not differ from that for interval insertion.

Both the insertion and removal of a LARC device creates reliance on a clinician. A patient’s right of refusal for initiating or discontinuing a method should be addressed by obstetrician-gynecologists and other health care providers. At no time should a patient be forced to use a method chosen by someone other than herself, including a parent, guardian, partner, or health care provider.